Nourishing for your body, hair, beard, braids for men, women, and children.


The scent is lavender with sweet vanilla bean.

Lavender Vanilla Bean whipped shea butter is handcrafted with our:


  • Organic ivory shea butter in its natural virgin state raw and unrefined. From the pits of the African butter tree and fair trade from Ghana. Rich in vitamins A, E, F, K, and highly compatible with skin.
  • Lavender essential oil can benefit the skin in numerous ways. It has the ability to lessen acne, help lighten skin, and reduce wrinkles. Soothes skin, protects against free radicals, and combats bacterial and fungal disorders. It can even be used to treat other things, like improving hair health.

Lavender Vanilla Bean

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  • Lawful Necessities Handcrafted

    No Water Whipped Shea Body Butter: 


    Certified Organic Cold Pressed Raw & Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter, USDA Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, USDA Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil, USDA Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil, USDA Cold Pressed Hemp Oil, Organic Pure Vitamin E Tocopherol T-50 Oil, Non GMO Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Arrowroot Starch, 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil, Lawful Necessities Lavender and Vanilla Bean Oil.


    This product is Lawful a little goes a long way!

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