2.37 oz. Paperboard black tube eco-friendly biodegradable and compostable.

2.65 oz. Plastic black tube BPA and bisphenol A free.


The scent is a sweet grape aroma.

Mango butter deodorant handcrafted strong enough for men and women, guaranteed to nourish your underarms and effectively help combat odor for up to 24 hours.


  • Organic mango butter from the kernel of the mango fruit naturally refined through a clay process. Rich in vitamins A, C, and E. Contains high levels of fatty acid, which makes it an intensive moisturizer.

  • Pure magnesium oil improves skin quality, has low PH which keeps odors at bay and gives your body a boost of magnesium.

Benjamin Breeze

SKU: 0002
Black Tube Options
  • Lawful Necessities Handcrafted

    Benjamin Breeze Mango Butter Deodorant: 


    Certified Organic Cold Pressed Raw and Naturally Refined, Mango Seed Butter, USDA Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil,  Organic Wild Crafted Candelilla Wax, Organic Arrowroot Starch, Non GMO Tapioca Starch, Aluminum Free Baking Soda, Organic Pure Vitamin E Tocopherol T-50 Oil, Non GMO Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, 100% Pure Magnesium Oil, 100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lawful Necessities Benjamin Breeze Oil. 


    This product is Lawful.

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